The New UW Eau Claire Chapter is off to a Great Start!

This last week, we kicked off the Liberty movement at UW Eau Claire with a recruitment drive at the organization fair, a first meeting, and the free speech ball, all in one week. 

The organization fair (called Blu’s Organization Bash) was personally my first time recruiting for a political organization. I learned, along with other members of my exec board, that a lot of libertarians and conservatives exist on campus for any political organization that is willing to make a presence. During the event we engaged with students from all over the political spectrum that had noticed our table and gained an email list of around sixty people. This is coming from a chapter that had five people only one day previously! 

The following evening we had our first official meeting, with a turnout of about 20-25 people. This, I considered, was a huge success for our new chapter. 

The following Friday, we finished the week with the Free Speech Ball,which was a huge success. For the full time of the event, students wrote on the ball and signed the petition! We gained quite a few signatures on our petition and another full page of names on our email list! 

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