The New YAL at California State University at Chico

A couple of months ago during Clubtacular at CSU Chico, I saw a table with “liberty” and the American flag on and I said to myself “I HAVE to check this out”. A political club where I can talk about my political views and consider different perspectives and learn about this thing called being a libertarian. Joining Young Americans for Liberty could be one of the most important choices I’ve made for my political career.

This chapter has accomplished a semester of learning and inspiration. It started with going to Berkeley, California to see one of the most controversial Jews since Jesus, Ben Shapiro. His lecture was educational, with audience members asking tough questions that are worth thinking about when considering policies. Antifa was a threat because of $600,000 worth of security, and we saw a woman get hurt because of her pro-Shapiro sign. It was unfortunate but hopefully she’s ok and continues to flex her First Amendment rights. Next was YAL’s most iconic recruiting methods, the Free Speech Ball. Not only did this giant beach ball get students to practice the freedom of speech but it also brought new faces to the club. We also went to Butte College to do a Free Speech Ball and the result was the creation of a new chapter. YAL-O-WEEN wasn’t as politically horrifying as we would’ve liked it to be but it was fun and we got our message across to as many people as we could. At meetings, we had discussions about different topics like abortion and guns where deep, genuine, productive with different perspectives were being presented.

This semester was just the icing on the cake. We have bigger and better ideas to spread the message of YAL for next semester. YAL may have died some years ago in Chico, but now it’s resurrected and ready to make a change.

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