The Next New Dealers or Generation Liberty?

The Washington Post ran this piece by E.J. Dionne under the headline “The Next New Dealers.”  A better headline would have been “Generation Liberty.”  This is where Young Americans for Liberty will make the difference for generations to come.  We cannot let our generation slip into the statist hypnosis.  H/t: The New Republic.

Obama zombies

Is Obama losing the under-30 crowd, too?

E.J. Dionne Jr

WASHINGTON–Young Americans are the linchpin of a new progressive era in American politics. So why aren’t Democrats paying more attention to them?

The relative strength of conservatives in American politics since the 1980s was built on generational change: Voters whose views had been shaped by the New Deal were gradually replaced with the more cautious souls who came of age after FDR. Then the Millennial generation came along. The Millennials–generally defined as Americans born in 1981 or after–are, without question, the most liberal generation since those New Dealers, and they could transform our politics for decades. But this will happen only if progressive politicians start noticing their very best friends in the electorate.


Obama’s personal ratings among the Millennials remain very high — three-fourths have a favorable view of the president — but his job approval rating has slipped from 73 percent a year ago to 57 percent this month. In the early months of last year, Democrats had a 29-point Millennial advantage over the Republicans. By the end of the year, their lead had been cut to 14 points. [emphasis mine]

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