The notorious Facebook and your YAL chapter

Do you have a Facebook group for your YAL chapter? If so, that’s great! If not, tisk, tisk, tisk…

Facebook is an undeniable presence in almost all of our daily lives. Don’t lie, I know you are on it right now in a separate tab waiting for someone to comment on the latest photo of you caressing your new love, that crazy party photo from the other night, or even your latest feed on how our liberties are being steadily replaced with government “security.” You like Facebook; start using it right.

So, if you are in the guilty party of trying to start a YAL chapter and have not taken the time to start a Facebook group yet, put aside the popularity contests of social networking for a moment and make the move to put some liberty back on ye ol’ Facebook.

If you need a quick FAQ on how to start a group for your chapter (whether already formed or in the process of forming) see the Facebook help section here.

Recruiting membership via Facebook is possibly the most overlooked and easy option for getting people involved in your YAL chapter. I’m not kidding either; I recruited some of my best just by sending polite messages to people and directing them to my chapter’s group page. It’s simple, easy, and we’re actually looking to put all of the forming chapters’ Facebook groups online.

Please send me an email if you have a Facebook group that is not listed on the Chapters section so we can make sure to link to it.

If you need further help on organizing you chapter, see the campus organizing document here.

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