The NSA Comes to Binghamton

The NSA came to Binghamton University in New York, and the students didn’t like them too much!

For Constitution Week, we decided to say NO to government spying, and make sure our support against such an unpopular government program was known to our campus. Walking around the center of campus as an NSA agent, we were able to garner support for liberty by students all over the political spectrum expressing their dislike for spying.


We had plenty of people come to our table interested in picking up a pocket Constitution and/or interested in learning more about the philosophy of liberty.  Because of such varied support against government spying, we were able to spark the interest of people ranging from a Mark Levin fan all the way through a Wall Street “Occupier.”


We also brought back something we have done in the past, a Free Speech Event.  Though we very much love the idea of building a huge wall where people can more comfortably write whatever is on their mind and want to build one soon, this is something that we have done before and didn’t take much preparation to bring back.  We bring a megaphone, and any student is welcome to speak their mind to the campus into it.  Our president even showed up!




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