The One Where They Fight For Free Speech at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

This past Thursday we celebrated the First Amendment with our free speech activism event, Free Speech Ball. We had a giant beach ball and invited everyone to come write on it. People had a lot of fun with the beach ball and we got to have an open dialect with a lot of students on their thoughts regarding free speech specifically on campus. There were many different things written about, including two full letters to President Trump, End the War messages, etc.

This event brought together Whitewater students from all backgrounds; many students expressed their gratitude for this event and asked when the next Free Speech event would be held.  Not only did we have a lot of fun and raise awareness, but we received a bunch of recruits. Last year this was our biggest activism event and this year it was even better. This week we have a general meeting that will be focused around the topic of gun control and this weekend we have a super fun tailgating event planned to cheer on our Whitewater Warhawks, have fun as a group, and make liberty win. 

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