The One Where They Fight For The Second Amendment at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

This week Young Americans for Liberty at Whitewater discussed the Second Amendment and the war on firearms in modern politics. We were joined by Craig Checkai, one of the top five firearms instructors in America, who discussed firearms safety, concealed carry laws, and why the second amendment is more important than ever today. We then held our activism event the following day where we talked about how gun-free zones are danger zones and had some healthy debates as well as recruited many students. It’s always great to hear what our fellow students think. The following Saturday we had our gun range outing where we got to go to McMiller sports and shoot firearms. The instructors there talked to us about gun safety and regulations and which regulations are helpful versus harmful. We had a lot of fun getting to shoot and we learned a lot. We are so grateful to McMiller Sports for not only sponsoring our activism event, but also allowing us to use their law enforcement range. We look forward to working with them in the future and, as always, #MakeLibertyWin.

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