The One Where They Talk About Prison Reform at University of Wisconsin Whitewater

This past week, Young Americans for Liberty at Whitewater held our weekly meeting, where we talked about the prison system in America, and our activism event, ‘Incarceration Nation.’ At our meeting, we discussed how awful the prison system within America is and how desperately we need reform. We talked about how America is number one in incarcerations per capita as well as how a large majority of inmates are in prison for non-violent drug charges. We even had be President of College Democrats join us and throw out some of his opinions which led to a very good debate. We love getting to hear as many opinions as possible. We also talked about nutraloaf and discussed cruel and unusual punishment and the human rights of our prisoners. At our activism event, we tabled in our University Center and shocked many students, and professors, with our statistics on the prison system within America. We even made a ‘nutraloaf’ and one brave student courageously tried it. After the activism event we held a screening of the documentary ‘13th’ which is about racial inequality in the prison system. The documentary was very informative as well as entertaining and everyone really enjoyed it. We are so excited to continue progressing through the semester and Making Liberty Win.

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