The Onion Turns the Tables

Despite my disappointment in the fact that many Americans do not spend enough time looking at political issues before they vote, only to lose faith in the government after the fact, this article by The Onion is quite comical. Of course, I don’t think that politicians would get away with as many wrongdoings if the voting public was more politically aware. In this fictional article, the tables are turned and the government has lost faith in its citizens.

At a time when widespread polling data suggests that a majority of the U.S. populace no longer trusts the federal government, a Pew Research Center report has found that the vast majority of the federal government doesn’t trust the U.S. populace all that much either.

According to the poll—which surveyed members of the judicial, legislative, and executive branches—9 out of 10 government officials reported feeling “disillusioned” by the populace and claimed to have “completely lost confidence” in the citizenry’s ability to act in the nation’s best interests.

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