The PATRIOT Act Revisited

Three provisions to the PATRIOT Act are due to expire at the end of this month. They are (courtesy of

1. Business Records: allows searches on your personal data without
your knowledge if the FBI convinces a judge it is “relevant” to a
terrorism investigation. The data could be computer-related,
financial, medical, or even your library check-out history

2. Lone Wolf: allows the federal government to spy on a foreign
person with no known ties to a foreign government or terrorist group
— a power that’s never been used

3. Roving Wiretap: allows federal agents to intercept phone
conversations without having to specify the person being investigated
or which phone is being used

Some are reporting that the new jobs bill being drafted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid includes the renewal of the PATRIOT Act.  But these draconian provisions don’t need to be passed again!

Here are a few things you can do to stop the renewal of the provisions from Campaign for Liberty:

**  Your Petitions, and hundreds of thousands like them, will be delivered to the Senate, showing the tidal wave of opposition to the Patriot Act.  You can sign by clicking HERE.

**  Editorials and Op-Eds across the country to help swing the tide of public opinion to oppose this dangerous abuse of power.

**  TV and Radio Ads in targeted states.  As you may recall, our program has helped keep Socialized medicine from becoming a reality.

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