The Peaceful Revolution

James Ostrowski, writing at, has a post titled How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot, which he refers to as a “Tea Party Manifesto.”  In it Ostrowski lays out a twelve step program for those looking to affect real and peaceful change and bring the country back to its constitutional/”small R”-republican principles.  Ostrowski offers a plan that ranges from common sense principles to a healthy dose of theatricality and panache.

Ostrowski begins the post by stating,

I have news for you. Barack Obama is not the problem with America. He is merely the symptom. When big government failed, the people, not knowing what went wrong, went for the fresh face who promised that government would solve the problems the people didn’t know government caused in the first place.

America went off course many, many decades ago. Blaming Obama for our problems is like saying a 500 pound man is fat because he just ate three pizzas. Obama is the captain of the Titanic and his ship is speeding recklessly along, but he did not design the ship nor place that giant iceberg in its path.

The tragedy is that the American people do not know why the economy collapsed. They do not know the nature of the regime that runs the country. They do not know that this regime is not the regime for which the Founding Fathers and Mothers fought. They do not know what the regime was that the Founders fought for. Finally, they do not know that the solution to our economic collapse is to restore that regime.

The rest of the post can be read here.  There is also an excellent interview of Ostrowski by Ilana Mercer over at

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