The Peaceful Transfer of Violent Power

Sheldon Rickman argues on the Future of Freedom Foundation site that the inauguration is in fact little more than a celebration of the transfer of the power to monopolize the use of force against the nonviolent.  Washington famously said that government “is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force.”  Rickman extrapolates from this idea the conclusion that “in the inauguration we have the irony of a peaceful transfer of something that is anything but peaceful: the legal power to use physical force.”  It is a conclusion which becomes ever more forceful as Rickman reels off examples of the violent power of government, such as taxation to support “Wall Street banks, auto companies, welfare recipients, stem-cell researchers, military contractors, the Israeli air force, the Iraqi and Afghan rulers,” and more.  Read the rest here, and while you’re at it check out the Future of Freedom Foundation itself, which was given one of Ron Paul’s Liberty in Media Awards and frequently has commentaries worth reading.

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