The Politics of Environmentalism

My latest column at the Old Gold & Black talks about the political motives behind much of the climate change movement, applying Murray Rothbard’s view on the relationship between the ruling and intellectual classes, which he laid out in The Anatomy of the State, to the current environmental debate.

Any human that cares about the survival of himself and his descendents must, to at least some level, care about the environment in which he lives. However, those who truly care for their environment also must be certain to deal with the true causes of environmental destruction rather than simply jump upon whatever environmental trend happens to catch the fancy of pop and political culture.
In fact, those who have an earnest desire to see the improvement of their environment should be the first to attack any who are attempting to hijack the environmental movement for political gain. This is exactly why true environmentalists should currently be livid with the political establishment’s attempts to use environmental concerns to enforce new international laws and centralize power to all new levels.

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