The potential for real change is there…

…it just needs to be organized.  I am the Editor of my college paper, and one of the features I have added this year is a political debate column which runs in every weekly issue.  How it works is I propose a topic each week to the three columnists, one of whom is a Republican, one a Democrat, and one a Ron Paul supporting Constitutionalist.  They then write about 350 words each, and we publish the three opinions side by side.

This week the topic was the draft/universal civilian service, and the responses I got were probably the most interesting set to date, especially given that typically all three disagree with each other significantly.  The Democrat couldn’t believe that Rahm Emanuel actually supported universal service, despite the fact that he has written a book outlining the idea.  She opposed the draft because it violated the rights spelled out in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The Republican blamed the possibility of the draft on Democrats, but not Emanuel, and opposed it on the grounds that it violated the freedoms that U.S. citizens are guaranteed and would be bad for our security because draftees would not want to fight well.  Finally, the Constitutionalist cited the specific constitutional reasons against a draft or universal service and commented on the irony of the supposedly pacific Obama administration supporting it.

I write this here not just because it was interesting but because it highlights the widespread agreement on some key issues which most young people in America share – even if they base their ideas on different reasoning, some better than others.  This is one reason why YAL has the potential to make real change – the ideas and motivation are out there; they just need to be coordinated a little.

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