The Power of a Question

With all the talk of how to best convert those on the right to libertarianism, let me provide this clip of a question I was able to ask at CPAC this year:

If you notice, his answer was what damned him, not the heckling of the crowd.The overall answer was , “I was wrong for doing it, but I would do it again.” So what that says to me, and what the people of Utah should see, is that Orrin Hatch has no problem voting on bills that he hasn’t read because some “Republican” official tells him to, and that despite recognizing it was the wrong choice, he has no problem making the wrong choices over and over again.
To reveal to everyone the problems with our government, you don’t need to heckle.  You don’t need to boo.  You only need to ask the tough, intelligent questions and lets these guys dig their own political graves.
Though I doubt the two incidents are related, the new Tea Party Senator from Utah, Mike Lee, has decided to withold his endorsement for Hatch for reelection. Lee states that it’s not his “intention to support any candidate until the democratic process has had a chance to play itself out in Utah.”  From what I’ve heard, the Tea Party from Utah — which unseated Sen. Bob Bennet because of his vote for TARP — is now setting its sights on replacing Hatch. For one, I’m happy to provide them with a free commerical to loop over and over again.
Note: Thanks to Sam Swedberg for bringing up the topic and Trevor Leach for paying enough attention to our surroundings to notice a question and answer session was coming up.
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