The “Progressive” NATO Knowingly Slaughters Innocent People

The mainstream left is always fomenting about how we must have the “international community’s” support before waging war. This Orwellian term should not be taken to mean the regular folks in allied nations — who are overwhelmingly against both the “bad” and “good” war — but their self-interested political leaders. 

But apart from misleading, this attitude reeks of state-worship and naivete. If someone decides to bomb a residential area, are the innocent people maimed — that is, the victims — really going to care whether the “international community” sanctioned this aggression?  NATO seems to think such a distinction is justified, as demonstrated by its recent decision to directly slaughter about a dozen Afghanis to get an alleged terrorist. 

But of course, neither tough-talking NATO generals nor the chickenhawk politicians who employ them would accept blowing their children’s legs off as a means to an end. The job of libertarians is to preach the Golden Rule and remind our fellow citizens that no government institution is above the natural law binding private society.

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