The Progressive’s Declaration of Principles

The Progressive’s Declaration of Principles:

  • I believe in freedom of religion (and therefore I force you to buy contraceptives that might be against your beliefs).
  • I want the poor to have decent health care (and because of that I am going to mandate that you buy it).
  • I love the earth (and so I am going to tell you what light bulbs you can’t purchase).
  • I strive to make America better for our kids (and therefore I accumulate debt for them to later pay off).
  • I fight against crime (and so I take your guns away to protect you).
  • I believe everyone should be treated equally (and therefore I support quotas based on race and not merit).
  • I despise crony capitalism (but I love subsidies and tax breaks for big green enterprises).
  • I believe in empowering women (and yet I call Sarah Palin and other women who run for office disgusting names).
  • I want a great education system for our children (and so I oppose school choice and charter schools).
  • I love my neighbors (and therefore I steal from you to give to the poorer ones).
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