The Real Reason for the Wars in the Middle East

Look out United Kingdom! Big Brother is on the way! The police have announced that they will be using MILITARY-STYLE SPY DRONES in cities within the UK. At first, they plan to use them for special events, but then will use them more and more for general maritime use. 

The article does not mention this but, many of the UAVs in Afghanistan and Iraq are not just equipped with the finest high quality cameras. No, they can also be equipped to fire radar-guided hellfire missiles. They’re loved by the military because they are small, light, cheap to operate, and can spy on or destroy targets with unbelievable ease. It is well known that within the United States, the drone makers are trying to create UAVs that have machine guns, rockets, and a variety of other implements. In addition, there is a concerted effort to make helicopter UAVs allowing them to hover in place. 

All of that to say, we need to be very careful, because this idea will catch on over here in no time. I once heard someone say that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were just practice, so that the government would be better able to command and control the people in the home country. It cannot be overemphasized the danger these machines present to freedom in the hands of a tyrannical government. 

For more on all the nasty implications this could have see the following links:  Predator, Darkstar, Global Hawk, and Hummingbird.

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