The Right to Bear Arms Race

The William Carey University YAL chapter tried a creative new activism event called the “RIght to Bear Arms Race.”  A life-sized silhouette of an armed robber was drawn on a poster board and posted on the wall behind our YAL table. With a Nerf gun and a telephone prop clearly displayed at the front of the table, students were given a choice: “if this armed man intruded on your house, which one would you choose?  The phone or the gun?”  
Motioning to the phone, YAL members informed each participant that the national average police response time is 11 minutes, whereas an armed citizen can save lives and protect his property in a matter of seconds.  Most students chose the gun, and sometimes YAL members would satirically enact a police phone call while the participant repeatedly shot the target, showing how truly slow a 911 dial is compared to a readily-available gun.  
Always choose the gun.
We asked students if they supported “more restrictions” or “less restrictions” on guns and engaged numbers of students including many who weren’t normally politically active.  Regardless of their opinions on gun rights, students were rewarded with an economic choice of candy between the “capitalism” and “socialism” candy bowls.  
This activity was enjoyable for many and created a great opportunity to discuss concealed carry laws, background checks, police emergency response times, and most importantly, the Second Amendment!
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