The Right to Self-Defense Shows Life on Kent State Campus

Bad weather and a left-leaning campus can be a real wrench in your liberty activism plans, but Kent State’s YAL chapter took the hits in stride. We still managed to educate and inform our fellow students on their rights to self-defense despite less-than-ideal conditions.

A chilly fall day in Ohio almost spelled disaster for Kent State Main Campus (affectionately called “the wind tunnel”) Young Americans for Liberty last week as we chased airborne orange cones and renegade dodge balls during our “Your Right, Your Life” event. After a few unsuccessful attempts to beam unsuspecting students with cold dodge balls in the name of liberty (that’s how that works right?), we called the fun off and headed inside the warm embrace of the Student Center. As we gathered signatures for our #NoMoreVictims petition and mingled with our signature competition for laughs; NextGen Climate; I noticed a surprising trend. Our YAL provided social media poster that said “#NoMoreVictims” was bringing a lot of otherwise uninterested people over to our petitioners. Students who were passionate about preventing sexual assault believed we were gathering signatures to support their cause, which we were, but it required a little explanation to make the connection. The whole event become an educational experience where we informed students of their limited rights to self-defense on campus, and of why we would all benefit from expanding them. Students who may have been otherwise turned off to the idea of firearms being carried for self-defense were intrigued when we informed that they couldn’t even carry a taser or stun gun. Students who supported concealed carry permits had no idea that Ohio law and university policy prevented lawful, license carrying gun owners from carrying on campus. 

Overall, the response was positive and we opened the eyes of a lot of otherwise anti-firearms students to the need for better self-defense policy on campus.

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