The Ron Paul Moment

The most recent article about “a Ron Paul moment” comes by way of Jeremy Lott at RealClearPolitics:

USA Today’s On Politics blog reported, “Ron Paul even with Obama in hypothetical 2012 race,” and opined, “Change is definitely in the air.”

Paul supporters got more good news this week. Ron’s son Rand Paul had been considered a long shot when he announced that he was running for the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky. Now he looks like the best bet to win the nomination and the general election. Retiring Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning endorsed Rand Paul to succeed him, calling him “the only true conservative” in the race.

It’s fun to Google “Ron Paul moment” and see just how many such articles have been written about this “moment.”  It’s about time to recognize that liberty is more than a political persuasion, it’s a principle worth fighting for.

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