The Salem Witch Hunts, Revisited

The EPA has released a list of its “most wanted” eco-fugitives, wanted for “assaulting nature.” A few things should strike the reader immediately. For one, in the Anglo-American justice system, as it has been practiced for hundreds of years, it is impossible to “assault” an inanimate object. For another, the EPA is not an actual law-making body; it is an unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy, but one that has abrogated to itself the right to declare certain people “eco-criminals” deserving of arrest.

When you look at this list of “criminals,” you see that the vast majority of them are being persecuted for acts that violated no one’s rights. They are accused of such things as “importing cars that do not meet US emission standards,” lying to the Coast Guard, and untruthfully filling out federal documents. The sad thing is, that the EPA’s unconstitutional action will probably be lauded by the vast majority of “concerned, responsible citizens. The environmentalist movement has created such a sense of fear and urgency regarding any alleged threat to the environment, that people are willing to allow anything as long as it will help “save the planet.” But as history proves, such fear-mongering provides the perfect breeding grounds for increased government tyranny. PATRIOT Act, anyone?

For a good free market analysis of statist global warming hysterics, read Blue Planet in Green Shackles by Vaclav Klaus. Paul Craig Roberts provides an eloquent indictment of the government’s tendency to persecute for victimless crimes in The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

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