The Separation of Sudan

In a widely-watched and closely-monitored vote, it appears that South Sudan will secede. Voter turnout rates and votes for separation have arguably made the vote one of the largest landslides in history, and “An Associated Press review of results at 10 sites in the south’s capital of Juba found a 95 per cent turnout in which 96 per cent were in support of secession. The remaining three per cent were for unity and the rest were invalid.”

North Sudan is predominantly Muslim while the south is made up of Christians and animists. In fact, it was the clash of the cultures that made secession very enticing. The South had become increasingly concerned about the fundamentalist strain of Islam popular in the North. In addition, the Muslims and non-Muslims have fought bloody battles many times before. However, the cultural difference was not the only reason for secession. South Sudan is incredibly rich in oil, containing 80% of Sudan’s oil. From an economic perspective, this was a no-brainer for the South Sudanese. 

What is even odder than seeing Sudan secede is President Obama congratulating them for doing so. Why? Because President Obama is a very much a fan of centralized power. Whether it be dictating drug or healthcare policy to the states, Obama is incredibly cold towards the idea of self determination. Had Texas decided to secede in this most recent election year, you can rest assured that President Obama would not be congratulating anyone. 

While the vote was quick, easy, and fair, there are still many bumps ahead on the road towards independence. The contested oil fields could initiate a conflict that could evolve into an all-out war. In any case, good luck to the Southern Sudanese as they have showed the world the beauty of secession, 

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