The South Park Political Platform

south parkIf you liked Vladimir Rudenko’s South Park Presentation on the Philosophy of Liberty, you’re going to love my article on the South Park Political Platform:

Underneath all of the obscene language, bathroom humor, and shocking political incorrectness of the Comedy Central show’s over 200 episodes, South Park has a plethora of incisive social and political commentary. If anyone is using the medium of animation to bring a hard-hitting (yet usually remarkably balanced) and alternative (yet often very resonant) message to its audience, it’s the South Park boys, Matt Stone and Trey Parker (who rumor has it is a registered Libertarian Party member).

Taken together as a coherent whole, many of the show’s episodes weave a political and social tapestry of viewpoints and keen observations that represent a political platform many Americans might be shocked to discover they agree with very strongly!

Let’s take a look at just four (spoilers to follow):

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