The SRU Young Amerians for Liberty Create a “Graveyard of Civil Liberties!”


With Halloween approaching, the SRU Young Americans for Liberty wanted to recapture the scary and frightening aspects of not just ghouls and goblins, but Washington’s equally disturbing disrespect of the Constitution and American freedom.

To bring attention to Washington’s horrendous attempts to strip American freedom and liberty, The SRU Young Americans for Liberty hosted an event that demonstrated the scary truth that American liberties are being taken away by Washington. The table was set up during common hour in front of Bailey Library, a high traffic location. Curious students walking by were lured by a table full of free books, stickers, magizines, and a favorite past-time candy, warheads.

Joel Hills from the Leadership Institute lent a hand and created a video about the event:

Grim Reaper


Table 2


O and B

Tombstones were stuck into the ground, each marked with a “dead” civil liberty, either through legislation or Supreme Court decision. The event lasted two days. Even with only two days of tabling, the chapter received over 45 new sign-ups! Many students responded well to the message of personal freedom and a couple in-depth discusssions occured. Over 100 flyers, with educational material and information about the SRU Young Americans for Liberty, were handed out to passing students, see the pictures below. Many students took the Political Homeless Quiz and discovered they were libertarians!

Back and Front of “Graveyard of Civil Liberties” Flyer:

 Flyer 1 

Flyer 2

Tombstone of Civil Liberties

 TAble 4


The SRU Young Americans for Liberty also had a little fun with the student body by having a member dress up in a grim reaper costume, who carried a sickle with the world “government” written over the blade. Additionally, Obama and George Bush made a surprise appearance at the event. They seemed rather buddy-buddy, but that didn’t come as a surprise since they both support big government. Overall the event was a massive success for the newly offical chapter. The SRU Young Americans for Liberty are gaining attention throughout the campus and beyond. 

Grim Reaper

B and O

O and B





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