The SRU Young Americans for Liberty Build a Free Speech Wall!

Being a new chapter can be intimidating, but for the SRU Young Americans for Liberty, it presented an opportunity to make a first big splash on campus. During Constitution week, the SRU Young Americans for Liberty quickly organized an event to promote the first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of speech. To do this, the chapter built a 4 x 24 long wall. With limited resources and a generous grant from YAL, the six dedicated members of the newly formed chapter build the wall, handed out numerous pocket constitutions, and spread the message of liberty.



The wall was built on Sunday and was dismantled on Wednesday night, giving the student body three days to fully express their thoughts. There were many interesting comments of the wall; most students were thrilled to have a chance to write what was on their mind. There was also a couple scary moments, especially when a professor stated, “I don’t know how I feel about liberty.” Ultimately, the SRU Young Americans for Liberty felt the wall was a success for freedom!  

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