The SRU Young Americans for Liberty Shift Their Recruiting Efforts Into High Gear!

The newly formed Slippery Rock University chapter began its first-ever recruiting efforts on campus. Battling for the attention of passing students against the other organizations, with their bare unattractive tables and unwelcoming seated representatives, was an easy task for the new organization. Three days of intense recruiting resulted in almost 50 sign-ups and over 100 flyer handouts!

Tabling during WOW week

The organization/club fair was especially exciting for the organization, allowing them to stand out from the other clubs and organizations with their professional banner and educational materials. Students who took the quiz were surprised to discover that they were for limited government and personal freedom. Fighting political apathy never felt so rewarding! 

Organization/Club Fair

 Organization/Club Fair

Additionally, professionally-made flyers were posted around campus, promoting the organization’s first meeting. The SRU Young Americans for Liberty plan to continue their recruiting efforts throughout the year.  The chapter also has some exciting plans for the upcoming months, such as a free speech wall in September, a fiat currency graveyard in October, and a economics debate in November between Jeffrey Herbener, a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and a soon-to-be announced SRU Keynesian economist.

One interesting, and disturbing, moment during the fair came when a professor from the Department of Political Science announced she was a socialist. Needless to say, the SRU Young Americans for Liberty have a lot of reverse brainwashing to accomplish via “Morality of Capitalism.” Being a new organization on campus can be intimidating, but the nation-wide support our chapter received thus far has strenghtened our cause of spreading liberty and freedom campus.

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