The State of Liberty

It’s been about two months since the 112th US Congress was sworn in with a new party in the majority in the House and a larger minority in the Senate, and in that short time a lot has happened legislatively that affects your liberty.  Here are some of the highlights:

PATRIOT Act:  Although the reauthorization for this euphemistically named bill initially failed, it eventually got a 3-month extension, when it will be reconsidered.  Click here to read Sen. Rand Paul’s statement on the bill, and click here to read Rep. Ron Paul’s.

Audit the Fed:  This bill has been reintroduced in both the House and the Senate, thanks to the Drs. Paul.  Here’s a message from Campaign for Liberty on the importance of these bills, and why we need to encourage our representatives to pass them.

Spending Cuts:  Senator Paul submitted a proposal that would cut $500 billion, dwarfing the cuts proposed by both the Democrats and Republicans.  Included in the cuts is the elimination of the Department of Education and all foreign aid.

Laser Pointers:  Senator Rand Paul’s was the lone “no” vote for the first time on a bill to ban pointing laser pointers at airplanes, following in his father’s footsteps of taking principled stands against well-intentioned but unconstitutional legislation.

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