The State Sovereignty Movement

Donald Livingston, my college professor who I profiled in the last installment of YAR, has written an article on the growing state sovereignty movement.  I recommend reading it in full.

As the centralized government has become more entrenched, it seems that the only prospect for regaining liberty is asserting the sovereignty of the individual states.  Of course, states can be oppressive too, but in wresting control away from the center and into the localities, we would at least be placing power in governments without large armies, the ability to print money, or far-reaching redistributionist apparatuses.  Not too mention that, with multiple sovereignties, no single government would be able to exercise a monopoly on power, as our present government does, with disastrous consequences.

Libertarians should stop looking to the Supreme Court or to the next round of federal elections to assert our liberties.   It is time to assert them ourselves by prying power back to the communities.

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