The Three Stooges

The North American Leaders Summit in Guadalajara, Mexico is making me laugh once again. President Obama gave himself and Mexican President Felipe Calderon a generous pat on the back while praising the Mérida Initiative — which has been a complete and utter failure. The War on Drugs still rages on and the blood of innocent people still stains the streets. Unfortunately, to delusional leaders, this means “all is well.” If Mexico and the US were as successful as they claim in bringing down the narcos and their powerful gangs, why were 4,000 Mexican policemen and soldiers needed to guard the event? Surely, this is no sign of progress. It is a sign of retrogress.

President Obama continued to talk out of both sides of his mouth at the meeting when he urged that protectionism should by no means be pursued when at the same time he signed a bill with “Buy American” measures and will not let Mexican truckers into the US in order to appease the high and mighty Teamsters Union.

For more on the self-aggrandizing meeting, read here.

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