The Top 20 Tweets of #YALcon14

During last week’s 2014 YAL National Convention, attendees and staff used the hashtag #YALcon14 to tweet the event as it unfolded. As tends to be the case with the Internet, we didn’t know what to expect when we created the hashtag, but we’re sure glad we did. Here are the top 20 tweets of #YALcon14. 

20. Julie Borowski being a creepertarian

19. Civil liberties FTW

18. Schwag for the people

17. Apparently food is more important than me

16. Ron Paul is about to speak. But first, let me take a selfie.

15. Why we do this!!!

14. Books, books, books


Ron Paul hugs

12. Jeff Frazee, entertainer extraordinaire

11. Dear government…

10. Tom Woods gets a birthday cake!

9. We get you pumped up

8. “Locked Out”

7. Tom Woods likes YAL!

6. Nick Gillespie Instagrams Matt Welch’s birthday cake

Reason birthday

5. “There goes that NSA again”

4. Meeting Ron Paul

3. Ron Paul drops some TRUTH

2. Group photo!

1. #SelfieswithEd

I honestly do not understand why this is a thing. But, for some reason, people really seem to to enjoy taking selfies with YAL Director of Operations Ed King. I for one avoid pictures with The King, as his rugged handsomeness and natural charm make me look repulsive by comparison. However, the market has spoken — and the people want selfies with Ed. So, without further ado, here are the best #SelfieswithEd from this year’s National Convention.

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