The True Obstacle of Liberty

Together we are fighting for the ideas of liberty to replace the status quo and advance the liberties of all of man, not just those who have the deepest pockets and best connections. 

There is one obstacle that stands in our path, however. This obstacle is much closer to home than most realize. This obstacle is ourselves. We have divided ourselves, and I fear that the defeat of Ron Paul for the GOP nomination is only going to accelerate the destructive affect of this divide. We have those who want to change the Republican party from within, and then we have those who want to support and advance the Libertarian party. These two strategies both have the same end goal of liberty, however they are pointlessly butting heads more and more with each passing day.

We found an open-minded philosophy, and we sullied this philosophy with immaturity and petty arguments over tactics. We have become arrogant in our thinking, and are beginning to alienate those who should be our greatest allies. We have advanced the liberty movement arguably further than it has been in over 200 years, and yet I see that we have the potential to accomplish one of two dreadfully opposite outcomes:

  • One: We work together to advance the liberty movement to the point where every politician in office, from the local to the federal level, is a principled and effective supporter of liberty.
  • Two: We stagnate the liberty movement more so than any establishment politician could ever dream of accomplishing and effectively decimate any chances of political change in the country.

How we could stagnate the liberty movement who has observed movement infighting. We slash each other’s ideas, and simultaneously destroy each other’s confidence in liberty.

This is not why we all joined this movement. We joined to bring real change to this country. We joined to save our society.

It is now painfully obvious that we cannot come to a consensus on how to best spread the message of liberty. There has essentially been two factions that have developed. Those who believe we should reform the GOP (Reformers) to a previous platform more similar to a Libertarian platform, and those who believe we should stand with and develop the Libertarian Party (Big-L Libertarians) after being shunned by the shameless tactics of the GOP.

The Reformers seem naive to the Libertarians, because the Libertarians have come to the conclusion that the GOP is either beyond saving (especially after Rules 12 and 15 got enacted in the GOP), or that economic turmoil will arrive far sooner than the Reformers’ seemingly futile attempts at rehabilitation could even be utilized.

The Big-L Libertarians seem naive to the Reformers, because the Reformers have come to the conclusion that the Libertarian party is incapable of any solidarity, or that economic turmoil will arrive far sooner than the Libertarians’ seemingly futile attempts at development could even be utilized.

Now, this is the part where most would assume I would pick a position and rally behind this position, but this not where I am going with this post. Rather, I want to argue that each activist should work in the way he or she finds most effective and support, not attack, others as they do the same. That’s not to suggest that we should never offer constructive criticism, but I think we all know that much of the infighting which occurs is anything but constructive.

How can we do this? To get started, work with your local YAL groups to get in touch with other liberty activists. YAL is a non-partisan group, so there are no “Libertarians only” or “GOP only” endorsements here.

Our goal is to advance liberty at any cost. What I am suggesting to my fellow activists is not a settlement, not a compromise, not a promotion of one solution over the other. What I am suggesting is the only viable path for us to be successful in spreading the message of liberty, and, if we are lucky, we can accomplish this before any sort of economic collapse. If not, then we can at least soften the blow of this turmoil that we will inevitably experience. 

We have to work together in order to be successful. We owe it to our society, we owe it to our country, we owe it to Ron Paul, we owe it to each other, and most important, we owe it to ourselves.

Now, please, go forth. Be the harbingers of liberty — and make allies, not enemies.

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