The TSA and Lady Gaga

If you use the internet, you probably already know that Lady Gaga released a new video last night.  It’s umm…a bit much for the YAL blog (so I won’t be linking to it), and less germane than this lesser story about the singer:

The Telephone singer was catching a flight out of Los Angeles last night, and in true Gaga fashion, turned up in a bizarre emsemble….

But it was the sunglasses and black netting on her face that drew the most attention after she refused to take it off at passport control.  Security guards were forced to escort her into a private room where she was body-searched before being released 15 minutes later to catch her departing flight.

“Were forced”?   Really?  Gaga became famous relatively recently (or I’m more out of touch with pop music than I think…hmm, I feel old now), but she’s known world-wide and instantly recognizable — even without her typically outrageous outfits.  Does anyone really think that the TSA needed her to remove the glasses and netting to identify her?  I don’t think so.  This is yet another example of the TSA’s abuse of its unconstitutional power (albeit one which, since it got her publicity, Lady Gaga herself may not mind) (oh and each of those words is a separate link).

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