The two-party system is anti-creativity

Older libertarians tell us that the Republicans sounded quite idealistic during the Clinton years but turned into mindless zombies once George W. Bush was elected. The Dems have proven to be no better, abandoning their oft-admirable rhetoric of the last eight years to become complicit with the same sort of evils they decried. Sadly, the energy of most of their grassroots is no longer being channelled to form ideas of their own, but to come up with justifications for the very Bush-like policies of their Messiah.

Their main rationale? Cuz he’s a Democrat like them.

This groupthink leads to “liberals” going along with perpetual war, so long as its Democratic-led wars, while “conservatives” go along with big government programs, so long as its a Republican program. Indeed, the awful two-party system is perhaps the main reason real issues are rarely discussed in the mainstream media and political campaigns. Politicians can spin, lie, and equivocate all they want when Americans are too bogged down by personality cults and “party loyalty,” to hold them accountable.

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