The UN Still Doesn’t Get It

The horrors of the North Korean totalitarian state are well documented. As expected, massive amounts of the North Korean populace are starving to death from years of brutal central-planning of the economy.

The most interesting nugget from this article was the UN’s World Food Programme take on North Korea’s plight:

North Korea faces its worst food shortage in a decade, with six million people at risk — a consequence of poor economic management of its centrally planned system, a series of bad harvests caused by harsh winters, flooding and exhausted agricultural land, and the regime’s unwillingness to spend its dwindling hard currency reserves on buying food for its 24 million people. 

As usual, the UN misses the mark. Ludwig Von Mises  and F.A Hayek both aptly pointed out decades ago that there is no such thing as a good centrally-planned economic system.  The problem isn’t that the economy had “poor…management,” but that it was managed at all.  Perhaps the UN could use a reminder of this excellent video:

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