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Whether you have your own opinion regarding immigration policy or not, everybody knows that the composition of this country is slowly changing.  You might not know exactly how much it is changing, but you certainly hear about it from the “they-took-our-jobs” Republicans, and you may see signs of it here and there (maybe outside a Home Depot inthe early morning).  America is becoming more Latino.  Exactly how Latino?  The Hispanic population is growing much faster than the white population. By 2050, the non-Hispanic white population of America will be less than 50%.

So what does this mean?  Well, first and formost, it means we need a new immigration policy.  Too many people come into this country illegally every year.  So should we build a double-walled, automatic-machine-gun-turret-studded, spikes-on-top, electrified, Great Wall of China 2.0, complete with alligators waiting below?

Absolutely not.  We should instead create a more realistic immigration policy based in the free market — and take into account other factors in this situation, like the drug war and entitlement programs.

Here are some main objections to this.

They take our jobs. Well, not actually. There are lots of jobs to be had in this country, but our great government completely destroys millions of low-paying jobs for unskilled workers with minimum wage laws.  Some of these jobs still exist, but because paying minimum wage would eventually bankrupt the employee (i.e. if the worker only generates $5 an hour but is paid $8 an hour), the money is paid under the table.  Oftentimes, the people being paid are in this country illegally.  So minimum wage laws must be eliminated completely.  This is the easiest and best way to create millions of jobs instantaneously.  Dear statists: people can still say no to wages if they deem them to be too low to sustain their preferred standard of living; the government doesn’t have to do it for them.

They live on our taxes. Right now, this is true.  Illegal immigrants attend our public schools and drive on our roads.  They probably make use of public facilities.  They may collect food stamps, and they may use Medicaid to pay any medical bills.  So how to we stop this?  Reform (by mostly reducing) entitlement programs. Reform and reduce regulations on education.  And most importantly, turn these illegal immigrants into legal, tax-paying immigrants.

The violence along the US-Mexico border is too bad, and violence from cities like Juarez is spreading into the United states. You can thank our oh-so-effective War on Drugs for this.  The violence is almost all drug related.  Thanks to all the arresting, incarcerating, seizing, and destroying, drug prices stay high.  Drug turf becomes much more lucrative, and consequently, violence for this turf increases.  Simple economics.  Our government gave them guns for heaven’s sake. The sheer backwardness of the whole situation speaks volumes of the incompetency and corruption of our great government.

In his new book Suicide of a Superpower, Pat Buchanan speaks fearfully of a shrinking white majority.  But then again, he opened the book espousing protectionism and ragging on free trade.  I don’t think this growing Hispanic population is bad at all.  In fact, it is the opposite.

There are jobs in this country, many of them blocked by minimum wage laws and regulation restrictions.  Deal with these laws, reform entitlements, open the border, and watch the economy flourish.

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