The University of Alabama chapter rocks “Get on Board Day”

At the University of Alabama over six hundred student organizations competed for sign-ups this past Thursday, but the YAL chapter found tremendous success in an active student population.

Hearing the call of Liber-tea, students stopped by the Young Americans for Liberty table to drink sweet tea and sign up to join the largest liberty group on campus. The chapter finished with over 150 sign-ups. This sealed YAL’s spot on the University of Alabama’s campus as an elite political organization.

Students took the political quiz and talked about the issues that mattered to them. Though diverse in interests, people found issues where they align with liberty.

A strong showing will likely lead to a strong first meeting. The group’s Vice President Josh Shumate called the events at Get on Board Day “a good omen for success.” Members in the organization are already following up with the signees to cement a great first meeting.

The goal of the UA chapter is to build a community, and if the success at Get on Board Day materializes, Tuscaloosa will definitely be a beacon of liberty in the future.

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