The University of Michigan and the War on Youth

On a typical rain-filled April day (April 14), the University of Michigan’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter tabled in Mason Hall, for the War on Youth activism project. We were excited to create dialogue with fellow Michigan Wolverines, regarding the nation’s debt, and the consequences and burden that falls upon the future generations of power. 

War On Youth Table

The sign denoting one’s share in the nation’s debt, effectively drew in both students and faculty members. Initially, those who approached us were skeptical of the banner’s message but more than willing to discuss the implications of the nation’s debt.

YAL Activist

When it came time to discuss potential solutions to the nation’s debt, the pong game was useful. Certainly the pong game was effective in drawing in individuals who may not have otherwise listened to our message, and we were able to hand-out ample liberty literature. Many were even interested in creating their own solutions for reducing the nation’s debt! However, many students who approached our table felt the game (although fun and interactive) distracted from the purpose of conveying the severity of the nation’s debt crisis.   

In the end of our War on Youth Activism campaign, our chapter garnered quite a few sign-ups. We were successful in creating meaningful dialogue, that hopefully sparked the interest of our fellow Wolverines! 


War On Youth Pong 2

War On Youth Pong 1

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