The University of Missouri Is Speaking Freely

The YAL chapter a the University of Missouri, in only our second semester, is making waves. We hosted a very successful September Free Speech Month, which began with the construction of a Free Speech Wall, and ended with more than one hundred MU students jotting down their musings about Obamacare, the NSA, and the nation’s debt load.


As an interesting aside, one MU student wrote down, verbatim, a whole passage from John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty. Very impressive. Also, one left-wing student, noticing the commotion and a comment asserting that President Obama is “God-hating Communist” felt compelled to stomp up to the wall and write out her love for socialism. It is important to remember that the First Amendment and the Free Speech Wall representing that amendment, safeguards everyone’s rights to free speech — liberals, conservatives, and libertarians alike.


We ended our Free Speech Month with an on-campus visit by defense attorney Dan Viets. Viets spoke to the students about their constitutional rights as citizens. Along with being a prominent defense attorney in Missouri, Viets also spearheads several different activist groups in Missouri whose purpose is reforming the country’s drug laws.

The successful event, coupled with YAL at MU’s recruiting event in late August,  brought our chapter’s listserv totals to more than 130 members, which is very good considering the chapter’s infancy.


YAL at MU is gearing up for future events in October and November, including events noting the Federal Reserve’s birthday, charity events and a Skype event with a Learn Liberty speaker. Learn Liberty will be talking to MU students about the nation’s ballooning tuition rates and how easy access to federal loans is exacerbating the problem. The chapter is expecting a large audience for that event.

YAL at MU is setting a steady pace. Good luck and godspeed this semester to all of the other YAL chapters out there!

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