The University of North Texas War on Youth

Free Speach Ball

During one of the final weeks of the spring semester, UNT YAL decided to hold activism projects to create awareness about issues that directly impact our lives. On Earth Day, we held a free market environmentalism table that helped promote and spread free market solutions to creating a cleaner and better world. We find topics such as these to be very important topics to discuss because of the typical strawmen and pre-assumed opinions about markets.

Free Speach Ball

Throughout this final week we raised awareness about the War on Youth using YAL materials to help express in what ways the youth could benefit from libertarian and classical liberal values. These discussions usually lead to handing out Constitutions, giving out FEE literature, and eventually a free speech ball.

College life has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One sector of life that UNT YAL decided to comment on was the current status of students’ speech on campus. Thanks to the wonderful members of UNT YAL, we decided to inflate a 7 foot tall beech ball, roll it around campus, and allow people to write on it.

The event started at one of our member’s house. We rolled it down the street making our way through campus. We approached students and urged them to speak their mind about anything on our speech ball. The consistent responses of “What are we allowed to write?” reminded me how important it is to be a prevalent and common voice on campus. Advocating for our First Amendment rights resonated extremely well with students and the UNT faculty.

We only had one case in which a faculty member questioned, disliked, and videotaped our activism. Other than that, if you disagree with free speech on campus you are most likely in danger of making yourself look like a fool. Overall, the projects were a huge success with a very large and favorable reception!

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