The University of Texas at Austin YAL incarcerates the masses

The University of Texas at Austin YAL took on Incarceration Nation during the last week in March – the week after UT Austin students had returned from their Spring Break. We even had a special guest appearance from Dr. Ron Paul… in cardboard cutout form!

RP + Jail

We got right to work educating students on the United States’ dysfunctional justice system. Many students expressed that the current state of our prison system was ridiculous. In Austin, Texas, for example, police will give you a ticket for possessing small amounts of marijuana, yet in the neighboring county, you can be prosecuted and put in prison for years! We had students from all races and ethnicities – Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, and Caucasians – express dismay with the lack of justice in our justice system.

You can find our album here with all the students who demanded that we #FixTheSystem:

We also held a discussion at our weekly meeting titled “Is the Justice System Just?” We had 23 people come out for an awesome discussion about Justice in the Justice System! There was definitely an interesting dynamic of near-unanimity on the need for drug policy reform, and even a 85/15 split between those in favor and those against the death penalty.

Meeting Incarceration Nation

And to top it all off, we threw an Incarceration Nation themed get-together the week following our activism project where we talked about the justice system over drinks while engaging members that are typically not able to make the meeting and drawing attention from friends of members who came.

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