The Unwinnable War

No, not Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m talking about the “War on Drugs” which was dubiously declared by Richard Nixon in 1971. Suddenly, getting high became a crime and wrongfully so. It is, after all, just like any other business transaction: a consensual agreement between the buyer and the seller. Unfortunately, the government got its filthy hands involved. Someone who simply wanted to get high could all of the sudden have their life turned upside down.

Sadly, this war, like any other, has its collateral damage. Six thousand deaths in 2008 in Mexico alone. Men, women, and children slaughtered in broad daylight. Apparently, this is a sign of progress. With policy decisions reminiscent of the poor ones made during the Vietnam war, it is only hopeful that a change in policy will occur. Many lawmakers speak in favor of legalization but it is never taken seriously. One would think with so many lives at stake, with prisons overcrowding, and with an outright failure of eradicating the drug trade that a sensible drug policy would be forthcoming. However, that is not the case.

Maybe one day in the near future a treaty can be reached: legalization.


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