The Vindication of Noninterventionism

Who would think spreading Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa could be done in the absence of the US military?  Yet that is exactly what could be happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya — to name just a few of the countries demanding freedom from their oppressive governments. 

Ceaseless war in Afghanistan and Iraq has yielded little in the way of a functioning democracy free from corruption or America’s puppet strings. However, due to leaked US diplomatic cables from Wikileaks and a man setting himself on fire in Tunisia, the people in the nations lifted above have their autocratic leaders on the run.  Now, with new revolutions springing up all over, the US should realize our foreign empire and military might pales in comparison to the will of individuals yearning to be free. 

America should take the events in Middle East as an opportunity to reconsider our reckless foreign policy as autocrats on the payroll of the American taxpayer are pulled down. Our money cannot buy freedom for the peoples of the world and where money has failed, the blood of America’s sons and daughters is proving equally ineffective.  Many will ask what role America should have in the world if we are not to police it?  I say we, as free people, should embrace and encourage those brave enough to weather violence and demand their inalienable rights from those who have usurped them. 

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