The War on YOUth at The College of Saint Rose

Conner demonstrating how to table

Saint Rose has no doubt been a difficult place to grab the attention of students for YAL. This beginning year has been a fight to stay relevant on my college campus. I had started off fairly well, getting 10 sign-ups on my first attempt at tabling. However, I rarely had heard back from any of them except for two who later became my e-board. Things didn’t go as planned though, as one of my e-board members had to leave college. Right before the War on YOUth project, I was right back where I had began.

UAlbany chapter president and Saint Rose chapter president having a discussion about liberty

I contacted the University at Albany YAL chapter asking for help, and the people that came provided me with valuable information about forming a successful YAL chapter. I started off the event, occasionally getting people to play some of the games, but no one seemed interested in signing up. Then members of the UAlbany chapter showed up, among them, the chapter president Conner Dunleavy. 

Conner proved to be very helpful during this event. He taught me excellent tabling tips which have changed my perspective about how tabling should be done. Thanks to Conner, at the end of the day I got nearly 20 sign-ups. Hopefully, I can now use these skills to build a more successful YAL chapter for next semester!

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