The War on YOUth Comes to the University of Central Florida

Last Monday YAL at UCF along with Joshua Parrish from the Young Americans for Liberty national headquarters rallied the troops and set out to educate our fellow Millennials on how the federal government has declared a “War on Youth.” Increased  taxes and regulations, along with the Affordable Care Act, have created the highest unemployment rate for those who are 24 years old and younger. Along with the 1 million dollar lifetime share of the national debt each Millennial has to carry, DC has made it hard for us obtain a successful future.

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The War on Youth activism kit helped YAL @ UCF raise awareness of this issue in a very fun way.The “Pong Off Your Debt” game (which was a play on beer pong, minus the beer) attracted many students to our table along with the incentive of candy. Those did play,were attracted by the national debt banner. The reaction from the participants was complete shock and disgust It was then explained to them that the only way to bring that number down was to get the ball into all six buckets. Each individual bucket had a solution that our generation can use to end out of control spending and the War on Youth.



Because we did not receive the Obama poster in time for our War on Youth activism event, our chapter members would pretend to be Obama and as they would stop the ball going into a bucket they should give a reason why the ball would be swatted out of the way (for example, increase in the debt ceiling or new regulations). As a result of tabling with the War on Youth activism kit, YAL at UCF relieved more than 20 new sign-ups!


Unfortunately, the day of the chapter’s weekly meeting a big storm hit the Central Florida area and as a result, not everyone was able to make it to the meeting that evening. However, for those who were able to attend, YAL at UCF still held their weekly meeting and discussed in depth the issues that encompass the war on youth. This was a great experience for the UCF chapter. We will be using it as another tool to recruit new members. 


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