The Winner for America’s most trusted newscaster is…Jon Stewart?

In a recent online poll conducted by Time Magazine users were asked the question, “Who is America’s most trusted newscaster?” The results were interesting, to say the least. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart won handily with 44% of the vote, while CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric squeaked by with a mere 7%. Questioning the credibility of the main stream media is nothing new but the fact that many Americans are turning to political satirists for their news certainly is.

poll result

The poll recieved just over 9,000 votes, but because it was held online it is hardly an accurate representation of the American people as a whole. However, it certainly is telling of the negative sentiment many Americans feel towards their media options when a political satirist is chosen as the most credible source for news in any poll.

For state-by-state results of the poll, click here.

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