The Words We Use Define Us

Am I the only one to notice the overuse and abuse by both major parties of the perjorative term “un-American”?  As an active supporter of the modern day tea party movement, I urge those of us who wish to be effective in grassroots politics  to strive to use accurate and honest language when referring to our opponents and play fair in this debate even if they won’t.

Fight for principle and live by the words you cherish.  Remember that your words define you.  Don’t be discouraged in our shared fight for a greater respect of indiviual liberty.  Remind yourself at Tea Parties to read great works of daily publications like:  Taki-Mag, American Conservative Magazine Lew Rockwell, Mises Institute, and even this blog.  Don’t be afraid to be firm in your opinions; over the past three years that I’ve been involved in politics, I have been discouraged, shouted down, and harassed more by people who were simply ignorant of how much I actually agreed with them than by anybody on the opposition.  And to close I have to say in the words of the great Lew Rockwell:

“It’s not left vs. right; it’s the state vs. you.”

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