The YAL Boston Spring Summit 2017

On Saturday March 25th, I, alongside two liberty-championing peers, attended the Young Americans for Liberty Spring Summit in Boston. Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by two dedicated activists who led my peers and I to the ballroom for the Summit. I was extremely surprised and pleased to see so many dedicated libertarians in my beloved New England area. The staff, led by our great President Cliff Maloney, was extremely helpful and energetic as they welcomed all of the young activists that will one day lead our nation. I enjoyed the ability to connect with and learn more about YAL’s fantastic sponsors such as the Charles Koch Institute and WeTheInternet TV, two of my personal favorites. Further, I took the most from hearing from YAL staffers, state senators, other activists, and especially Congressman Ron Paul. I found the event to be energetic and intriguing, insofar as it concreted some of my core libertarian values and challenged my thinking in regard to activism, policy making, and philosophical thinking. The YAL Summit in Boston has found its way into the highlights of my 2017 and I look forward to the Summits in years to come!

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