The Young Americans for Liberty at USF catch the eye of a reporter at the TEA Party in Tampa Bay

It was a nice way to begin my State Chair position of the State of Florida by being spotted out by a reporter of the Tampa Bay Tribune while attending the TEA Party in Tampa Bay, on April 15th. The Young Americans for Liberty were approached, and a curious reporter was wondering how  exactly we fit in with the TEA Party. There were signs of our philosophy in our clothing attire, and my girlfriend Samantha and I were lucky enough to be interviewed. Here is the link to the article:

Like the Tea Party movement itself, the crowd, although enthusiastically conservative and clearly Republican-oriented, included a diverse amalgam of viewpoints.

University of South Florida seniors Samantha Broderick and Byron Longworth, both of Tampa, were promoting Libertarian politics. Broderick advocated cutting spending “in all areas including the military,” and Longworth, a Ron Paul backer, said the U.S. must abandon its “neocolonial foreign policy.”

Additionally, one of USF YAL’s newest members, Bryan Nemeth got an interview on our local Fox News station. He chose not to pick on Senator Marco Rubio for his interest in invading Libya, and said “He was proud of what he has done for Florida.”

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