The Young Americans for Liberty at USF petition to audit the Fed.

Here at the University of South Florida, we did exactly what Senator Rand Paul asked us to do at CPAC:  Ask our Senators to co-sponsor his bill to audit the Federal Reserve. To begin our campaign to audit the Federal Reserve we wrote a formal letter to our Senator Marco Rubio. It said:

Dear Senator Rubio,

 We are the Young American’s For Liberty at the University of South Florida. We would like to congratulate you on your victory, and wish you great success while in Washington. There is one thing that we would like you to do immediately, and that is please co-sponsor Rand Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Senators Jim Demint from South Carolina and David Vitter from Louisiana have both already agreed to co-sponsor the bill. We strongly believe it is both necessary and the right thing to do.

Every active member who comes to meetings signed it, which was about 15 people. We made up individual requests, and just changed it to say that: “I am a student at USF” and in those there was no congratulations. We ran a tabling event and gathered about 40 signatures that day. Some students were very skeptical, and appeared to be turned off by the names on the petition. The president of USF YAL, Byron Longworth, went to the college Republicans and got all 10 of them to sign. The Historian, Mike Hamlin, went to the 912 Group, and gathered another 10 signatures. All of the letters will arrive to his office in Washington D.C. Wish us luck!

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